We run 3 terms per academic year, in line with the Somerset Academic Calendar. Terms are usually 12 weeks, however sometimes this will vary especially if Easter is early for example. 

Once you are registered with Tri.Art, your child will automatically be enrolled in all subsequent terms until we receive notice otherwise, our notice period is 6 weeks. 

Term 1 – Autumn 2023

Mon 11th September – Sat 21st October 

half term Sun 22nd October – Sun 29th October (NO CLASSES THIS WEEK)

Mon 30th October – Saturday 9th December

Term 2 – Spring 2024

Mon 8th January – Saturday 10th January

half term Sun 11th February – Sun 18th February (NO CLASSES THIS WEEK)

Mon 20th February – Thursday 28th March 



Term 3 – Summer 2024

Fri 19th Apr – Sat 25th May

half term Sun 26th May – Sun 2nd Jun (NO CLASSES THIS WEEK)

Mon 3rd Jun – Sat 20th Jul 

Workshops and Events

If you would like to book your child into any of our workshops or events, please send us an email or speak to someone at the front desk at the studio. We will be happy to offer more information. 

  • Sept 23rd – Frome Carnival 
  • 23rd/24th October – Thriller Workshop (Tri.Art Theatre @Studio)
  • 25th October – Halloween Musical Theatre Workshops 
  • 25th October – Commercial Jazz Workshop
  • 25th October – Adult Barre Fit Workshop
  • 26th October – Playing with Plays (Tri.Art Theatre @studio)
  • 25th November – Frome Extravaganza 
  • 7th-16th December – Tri.Art Perform for Merlin Theatre Productions, ELF
  • 11th December – Student Christmas Party 
  • 12th/13th February – Musical Theatre Skills Lab (Tri.Art Theatre @studio)
  • 14th February – Stage Combat Workshop (Tri.Art Theatre @studio)
  • 14th February – Dance Workshops 
  • 15th February – Raise Your Voice, Vocal Workshops
  • 8th-13th April – Tri.Art Dance & Theatre ANNUAL SHOWCASE
  • 14th April TBC – Summer School Auditions
  • 28th-29th May – Exam Coaching 
  • 5th-9th August – Tri.Art Junior Summer School
  • 7th-24th August – Tri.Art Senior Summer School
  • 27th-29th August – Danceweek 

Training Programmes

Our training programmes are held once a month, usually 3x per term unless we can fit a 4th session in. The programmes are charged termly, and students must attempt to attend every session. Our Dance Training Programme is invitation only owing to the intensive and rigorous training, 

Saturday 13h January – Triple Threat

Saturday 20th January – Dance Training

Saturday 10th February – Dance Training

Saturday 24th February – Triple Threat

Saturday 2nd March – Dance Training

Saturday 16th March – Triple Threat