In The Heights Cast Announced…

We are delighted to announce our summer school 2019 cast list…

Firstly, we wanted to thank you all for a lovely, relaxed audition day. You all worked so hard, and we were impressed to see so many of you pushing yourselves out of your comfort zones to tackle those huge songs and the challenging dance routine. We were pleasantly surprised and absolutely blown away by all!

We are delighted with our cast list, and hope you will be too. There is no small part in this show and we will be working you very hard this Summer!

Congratulations, and we will look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Amy, Claudia and Joe xxx

USNAVI DE LA VEGA –  Dillon Berry
SONNY –  Jack Brotherton
NINA ROSARIO –  Kathryn Wright
VANESSA –  Maisie Fogg
BENNY –  Oliver Edwards
ABUELA CLAUDIA –  Millie Weare
DANIELA –  Cordelia Tarbrooke
CARLA –  Emily Ibbitson
MARIA –  Conny Hunter
PETRA (Sneaky Pete) –  Floh Boventer
PIRAGUA GUY –  George Plant

James Catley
Enna Christmas
Alfie Dackombe
Tom Hill
Alexandra Ibbitson
Holly Fleetwood
Archie Fogg
Jess Golay
Harvey Lamb
Anna Lee
Hannah Luna-Lopez
Millie Morgan
Lottie Packer
Poppy Pinkster
Lochlan Presley
Kat Rose
Amelia Sharp
Jacob Wilkinson
Ciaran Wood